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EVE Online: the board game?!

James Egan

EVE Online's 'Walking in Stations' expansion isn't the only new way fans will be playing the sci-fi title this winter. CCP Games will also be releasing a 'big box' board game called "EVE: Conquests," suitable for two to four players, which will come with a large fold-out board and cards. However, this game won't come cheap; EVE: Conquests will be priced at a steep $75, putting the game -- and its presumably ornate playing pieces -- out of the reach of most casual players. Pop culture-focused site ICv2 got the scoop on this latest game offering and spoke briefly with CCP's Peter Thorarinsson:

"It's got a Euro-style mechanic to it," Thorarinsson said. "It's very easy to learn, but has a very deep game play and a lot of strategy to it." Thorarinsson indicated that no knowledge of the Eve universe would be necessary to play the game, and that although Eve Online players would be a natural audience for it, some gamers would undoubtedly be introduced to the Eve universe for the first time by the board game.

In addition to his work on EVE: Conquests, Thorarinsson has been involved with creating the card game "EVE: The Second Genesis." While we're fans of all types of games at Massively, the price that's quoted at ICv2 seems mighty high. For you EVE enthusiasts out there, would you spring for EVE: Conquests to play when you're offline, or is this price tag out of step with your expectations?

[Via EVE Stratics]

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