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First Castle Crashers DLC details divulged


While it (hopefully) furiously cranks away at a network play patch for its excellent – yet bug plagued – XBLA release, Castle Crashers, The Behemoth took a moment to confirm a couple of DLC details on its dev blog. When we spoke with the team at PAX, it was unready to reveal anything; now we know about two additional characters and a wicked weapon.

The characters in question are the King and the Necromancer. The weapon is ... a chainsaw. (OMG! [Seriously!]) Don't expect them soon, though, since The Behmoth says that, "Castle Crashers has some online issues as well as other technical difficulties that we are focusing on before anything else. That is our top priority." That's good to know, since, well ... we'd kind of like to play the game together. Oh, and for those who might suspect otherwise, the team confirms that the DLC is actually DLC – it's not stuff that's already in the game, just waiting to be unlocked for a price.

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