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Funai's DivX-compatible B1-M110 Blu-ray player gets outed

Darren Murph

Aw yeah, we dig where this is headed. Funai, best known for pumping out inexpensive wares under a variety of brand names, is evidently aiming to push its second Blu-ray player onto the market this October. Slated to launch initially in October in Europe, the B1-M110 will support DivX and, well, who knows what else. Oddly enough, the deck was actually outed courtesy of DivX, thus, we've no other specifications to mull over just yet. With the Insignia NS-BRDVD falling to $229, we can only hope that this unit becomes the first (or second, or third) to smash the $200 barrier.

[Thanks, Anthony]

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