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i-mate's rumored "Hummer" -- for when you absolutely, positively don't care what it looks like

Chris Ziegler

Say, for a moment, that Windows Mobile is Planet Earth; if the Touch Diamond lies somewhere around the North Pole, then we think you'd find this one freezing its ass off down in Antarctica. It's a stretch of an analogy, we know, but it's difficult to express just how different (and by "different" we mean "less attractive") i-mate's rumored "Hummer" is than some of its Windows Mobile 6.1 contemporaries. Granted, it does HSDPA, WiFi, and it's supposed to be ruggedized -- but we're not really convinced that exposed screws were the right way to get that point across. Then again, most of the devices rumored out of the house of i-mate from last year didn't make it to production, and this one may very well not either, so why sweat it?

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