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VC Monday Madness: Cho Aniki and Final Soldier


This week, we've got a pair of new Virtual Console titles. And they're both imports! And they're both from the TurboGrafx16. And they're both shmups! And they're both good!

Cho Aniki (TurboGrafx16, 1 player, 900 Wii Points)
Wii Fanboy says: download it!

One of the more quirky Japanese games I've ever seen, the original Cho Aniki is one of those kind of games that's so bad, it's good. It's not that the game has any glaring technical flaws present, it's just that ... uh, it's Cho Aniki. You kind of have to experience it yourself.

Final Soldier (TurboGrafx16, 1 player, 700 Wii Points)
Wii Fanboy says: download it!

Final Soldier is a lot like Star Soldier R, which Hudson just recently released on WiiWare. You've got time-based challenges, as well as your usual linear stage-by-stage thing. It's a fun title, with a lot of different weapons and some crazy action, so fans of the genre should check it out.

Each week, we here at Wii Fanboy like to check out the latest Virtual Console releases in our VC Monday Madness feature, in the hopes that you can make the most sound decision possible regarding purchasing retro titles from the Wii Shop Channel. If you're looking for more retro goodness, check out Virtually Overlooked, which talks about games that should be on the Virtual Console.

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