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Waiting on Spore and the App Store approval process


Update: The wait is over! As of 3:00 PM Eastern, the iPod touch/iPhone version of Spore Origins is available (with exclusive features) for $9.99US [App Store link].

Spore Origins for the iPhone does exist. We've seen it. However, as of this writing, it still hasn't spawned in the App Store.

Several months ago, it was announced that an iPhone companion would be released on the same date as the desktop version. An iPod version is available (in fact it preceded the full version of Spore), but iPhone users are still waiting to evolve. What gives?

Granted, it's not even 24 hours late, but we've heard stories of Apple taking their sweet time in approving App Store applications. One developer even told us of receiving notification that their application was available hours before it actually showed up in the store.

Of course, we cannot confirm the reason for Spore's tardiness. We will keep our eyes peeled for it, and let you know when it arrives.

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