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Warhammer's open beta goes great in US, epic failure in EU

Michael Zenke

Though for a while it looked like the European Warhammer community was online and in the Beta problems have continued to plague EU WAR players. These are problems persisting from this past weekend, and as a result the EU section of the Warhammer Alliance boards are full of ticked off players spitting invectives. It's easy to see why when when this official status update thread has such dire and worrisome phrases associated with it. Though players had already assumed as much, it looks like the blame for this failure falls at the feet of GOA. The European publisher for Warhammer (as well as DAoC and a number of other games) has a reputation among gamers for frustrations and customer service issues.

Over at Mark Jacobs' blog, it sounds like Mythic made sure to communicate some of those frustrations directly to the French publisher. Says the CEO, "We had a number of conversations with them today about everything that happened. GOA messed up and their CEO has apologized and promised to do better going forward." He also notes his own frustration at some of the harsh words written over the weekend by frustrated players, noting that the game's Beta state means it's not ready for prime-time yet. Hopefully GOA will see this as a learning experience.

to reflect ongoing state of EU Beta.

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