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Microsoft Arc, BlueTrack mice get the hands-on treatment


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Not satisfied by the polished press shots of Microsoft's new Arc and BlueTrack mice? Then you might want to head over to Maximum PC, which managed to snag each mouse for a quick hands-on look. According to the site, the Arc was unsurprisingly noticeably lighter and less solid than a standard gaming mouse, but that likely won't stop it from winning its share of fans among those more concerned with portability. As for the BlueTrack, Maximum PC was especially impressed by its tracking accuracy, which apparently delivers as promised, as well as its stylish design and, of course, its "mesmerizing blue glow." Be sure to hit up the links below for a closer look, plus some more technical details about Microsoft's BlueTrack technology.

- Maximum PC, "Hands-on with Microsoft's Fashionable and Futuristic Arc Mouse"
Read - Maximum PC, "Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft's BlueTrack Mouse Technology"

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