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New iPod touch includes speakers, Nike+

Robert Palmer

In its "Let's Rock" event today, Apple introduced three new iPod touch models, all of which are available today.

$229 will get you 8GB of storage, $299 will buy 16GB, and $399 scores 32GB. That's knocking $70 to $100 off the price of each.

The form factor is very slightly thinner, and has a similar tapered back as the iPhone 3G, as rumors suggested. It will also include an exterior volume control and a built-in speaker for "casual listening." There is no microphone built in, but the touch will work with new Apple headphones that include a microphone on the cord. The new headphones are sold separately for $79.

The new models all come with version 2.1 of the iPod touch firmware, which includes the Genius recommendation service mentioned earlier in the presentation. The software also comes with Nike+ built-in, so all you have to buy is the shoe sensor/transmitter. No more dongle.

For those with a current-model iPod touch, the software update is free for those updating from 2.x, and $10 for those upgrading from 1.x.

The new iPod touch models also are more environmentally-friendly, and are constructed with arsenic-free glass and BFR-free, mercury-free, PVC-free, and highly-recyclable components just like the new nano.

[Photo via Engadget.]

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