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Premade beta toons available again -- for real

Natalie Mootz

After the false alarm a few days ago, premade characters are available for copy to the US Wrath beta PvP realm Murmur. (Apparently, the realm was called "Murmer" up until a few hours ago. I guess Blizzard decided on a last minute spell check.) I have firsthand knowledge that the character copy now works because I copied three toons this morning and less than two hours later they are now playable. If you have a beta key and you want to play on the PvP server, keep in mind a few things:

  • You can only choose all Horde or all Alliance toons because it's a PvP server.
  • You can copy up to three level 80 characters, stacked with top-notch PvP gear.
  • This server is designed to test Wintergrasp. Other PvE areas like Azeroth and Outland may not be available for play on this server.
  • If you like Night Elves, you're stuck playing a Druid. Dwarves, on the other hand, get a choice of three classes (Hunter, Priest, or Warrior). Every other race gets two classes each.
  • Right now the wait time is only a couple of hours. It will get longer as more people copy toons. So go over there ASAP.
Commenters have (sad to say, rightly) accused me of a US bias in my posts so I did some extra research on the this topic for our EU readers. The EU servers do not have premade templates available because -- at the moment, at least -- there is no Murmur-equivalent beta realm available to them. Sorry, folks. We'll keep you posted if that changes.

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