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Wii Music teaches the world how to play the dog


It's a bit like the drums, apparently.

The dog suit, easily the most non-instrumental of all Wii Music's instruments, is the subject of the latest "Today's Instrument" video. Even though the novelty would probably wear thin quickly, we found this video to be quite cute and funny. Not that we'd share such a view with any of the commentors at GameTrailers, whose responses to this are both wonderfully over-the-top and angsty. "I... HATE... THIS... SO... MUCH..." writes jaymichigan, quivering with rage. "I've lost the will to live," proclaims sarahshrew2, not at all dramatically. "Nintendo... My vision of you has now forever been changed from the KING of video games, to WORTHLESS IDIOTS," bawls robsco.

You get the idea.


Looking for more on Wii Music? Check out the E3 trailer by clicking here, read up on our time with the game here, and learn how to play the accordion, taiko, clarinet, conga, electric guitar, harp, flute, marching drum, violin, piano, guitar, and marimba.

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