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Dayton's WHIO-TV shows off digital with dueling political speeches

Darren Murph

Though certainly not the first station to use its X.x channels for something other than pixelated weather and re-runs, Dayton, Ohio's WHIO-TV recently showcased what digital TV was all about with simultaneous widescreen broadcasts of local political speeches. Both major party presidential nominees were in the Miami Valley area and speaking at the same time, and rather than being, you know, biased, it choose to provide live uninterrupted coverage of both speeches on DTV channels 7.1 and 7.2. Of note, the speeches weren't used as a DTV test (good choice), but news director David Bennallack did assert that this was a "great opportunity to show viewers how DTV can work for them." On that note, have you applied for your voucher yet?

Thanks, Dayton Guy]

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