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First Look: Shaker for iPhone


Finally, an iPhone app James Bond could love.

Phatware, yet another name from the Windows Mobile development world, has created a new business unit to create and sell iPhone apps. This unit, known as Phunkware, has come out with a fun (but rather pricey, IMHO) game called Shaker.

As the website notes, Shaker is similar to a "well-known classic puzzle game" that involves blocks in 7 basic shapes falling from the top of the screen. Hmmm, I wonder what that game might be... The twist, pardon the pun, is that this game has a martini theme.

Not only do the screen backdrops feature martini glasses with various condiments, but if you score well in a game and your score is in the top 10, one of 101 martini recipes is unlocked and available for your experimentation.

Why the name Shaker? You can play this game in Classic mode, using buttons underneath the game field. You can play it in "Shaken" mode, where you shake the iPhone to move the blocks, or in "Stirred" mode, using your finger to move the blocks around.

Shaker is available from the App Store (click opens iTunes) for $9.99.

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