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Sony calls in Ericsson to launch 7-inch IDP-100 digiframe

Darren Murph

Look Sony, we were there in person to confirm that your digiframe building skills are world-class. Did you really need to phone up your lagging half (give or take a few dozen percent) for its help here? Whatever the case, the Q4-bound Sony Ericsson IDP-100 frame isn't too different from its fiercest rivals; we've got a 7-inch WVGA screen, built-in Bluetooth, a M2 Memory Stick slot (with support for SD, microSD and MS Duo), USB port, enough internal storage for 500 snaps, an active touch control on the frame itself and a world clock for good measure. Somehow, Sony SE spins the omission of a remote as a good thing, but if it was smart, it would enable cellphone control and have a real winner on its hands. Just sayin', is all.

[Via Gearlog]

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