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What are Will Wright's Top Five Games?

Justin McElroy

Maybe it's the High Fidelity fan in us, but we love top five lists. They're easy to read, don't tax our brains with too much complexity and most importantly, don't require too much of our precious, precious time. And if you are going to take those moments out of your day, shouldn't it be on a worthwhile list? Say ... on the Top Five Favorite Games of World's Smartest Game Designer Will Wright? Behold!

5. The Civilization series
4. Grand Theft Auto series
3. Battlefield series
2. Advance Wars on the DS
1. The Flight Simulator series

So, are you surprised? Will Wright is, apparently, a total nerd. You know what just got left off at number six? Tri-Dimensional Chess. True story.

[Thanks, Pugnate]

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