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Clubhouse Games and Hotel Dusk: new Player's Choice?


We've been hearing word recently of restocks of Clubhouse Games and Hotel Dusk: Room 215, but as CAG forumite worrybomb reveals, the new cartridges are more than a simple reprint. Hotel Dusk has been labeled as a Touch Generations game, for one thing, and both games now sport orange banners with content descriptions (the real one, by the way, is posted after the break, as is the new Clubhouse Games box).

Could this be the new iteration of Player's Choice? Both games are now selling for $19.99, and the orange bar evokes the yellow bar of the GameCube/GBA Player's Choice line. It's pretty smart to maintain consistent budget-rerelease marking while also providing info about the games.

[Via NeoGAF; the CAG link requires registration]

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