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Destroy All Humans! Intellivision Lives! New Xbox Originals Sept. 15!


It's high time for some real talk about Xbox Originals. Specifically, who's choosing what makes the cut? Not that Destroy all Humans! or Intellivision Lives! are bad games by any means. It's just that, when you think of a service that could be offering the best, exclusive games from a system's previous generation on the current one via the interwebs, you'd hope they'd be more ... original and memorable.

As it stands, we're getting a complete mish-mash of revered and forgettable moments from the annuls of the original Xbox. How about some Panzer Dragoon Orta or Star Wars: Republic Commando before the likes of Kabuki Warriors? Ahem. Ranting aside, both Destroy All Humans! and Intellivision Lives! hit the Xbox Live Marketplace on September 15 for 1200 ($15) each. We'd love to hear which Xbox games you would have join the ranks of the Xbox Originals in comments.

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