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'Humans aren't helpless' in Disaster: Day of Crisis


"Humans aren't helpless!" declares Disaster's protagonist and catastrophe magnet, Raymond Bryce. It seems like sage advice coming from the man who, as the game's title candidly suggests, is enduring the most preposterously perilous day in the history of all time. Indeed, judging by the Japanese TV spots for Disaster: Day of Crisis (embedded after the break), humans are far from helpless and quite capable of performing the following, exciting activities:
  • Outrunning tidal waves
  • Kicking down doors
  • Defusing bombs
  • Clinging to railings
  • Dramatically telling someone to "hang on to something"
  • Sliding down ramps
  • Taking cover from gunfire
  • Climbing out elevators
  • Crawling in vents
  • Avoiding incineration
  • Driving through meteor showers
  • Jumping out of airplanes
  • Starting flaming cars
  • Facing down archenemies in the rain
  • Climbing cliffs
  • Shooting at gates
Oh, and fighting poorly animated bears.

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