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Levine got 'nasty f***ing threats' over copy protection

Justin McElroy

When we say we want to lock BioShock creator Ken Levine in a box, allowing him to subsist on nothing but our love, it's in a fun way. Because we care about him and we're meant to be united into infinity. But, as KennyL recently told PC Zone, he has also gotten some threats that weren't nearly as nice as ours, over issues far more pedestrian than eternal love. "When we had the copy protection issues come out, I was out there talking about the product, I didn't run away from that. And frankly I got some nasty fucking threats," Levine said.

We know the mandatory internet connection and two-install limit was bad, but getting threats over it? That's just horrifying. C'mon Ken, why don't you climb into this unmarked van with tinted windows and tell us all about it?

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