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PAIN gets Trophy patch today; Amusement Park expansion in Store

Jem Alexander

Update: Headline has been changed, and article altered to emphasize which content is free and which is not. The patch is free, but Amusement Park (an expansion pack) is not. Sorry for any confusion.

The long-awaited PAIN Trophy patch is now available to download. Simply load up the game and you will be prompted to download the 325MB patch. Don't forget, PAIN's Trophies have been retooled, to make them a bit easier than originally intended.

There is one free addition to the feature roster, however. Each week a new mini-level will be made available. Each of these "PAINlabs" will be an experimental concept that Idol Minds are playing with and are releasing for you, the players, to test out. An interesting idea -- and best of all? It's free.

The patch coincides with the release of the Amusement Park expansion pack, which adds a bunch of content to the game -- but only if you pay for it. Three new characters are also available to purchase.

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