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Dear Aunt TUAW: Where's my product transition?


Dear Aunt TUAW:

Where's my September surprise? Weren't we supposed to get new hardware at Tuesday's event? Did anything in that underwhelming "Let's Rock" intro match the margins-munching product transition promised in the last financials call?


An anonymous but affectionate nephew


Although some say that the cheaper iPod touch is the "product transition", Auntie TUAW isn't buying it. Like politicians, I think we're looking more at an October Surprise rather than a September one. (The Apple financials call talked about the September quarter, which includes bits of October. ends September 30th.)

As Cousin Christina puts it, "The way Cook and Oppenheimer were talking about huge products, it was very clear that it wasn't just a cheaper touch -- it was some sort of new product." She, along with Step-Brother Mike, thinks the other shoe has yet to drop, or as Family Friend Dave puts it, "the other iShoe."

Uncle Victor thinks this is pretty typical Apple behavior for the autumn -- using an iPod event to build up interest again, then uppercut with something spectacular the following month.

iPhone HiFi? Oh yeah!

So does Auntie TUAW know what's on that horizon? Er, no. Much as Auntie longs for her Mac touch tablet, we're more likely to see some laptop refreshes and maybe that long overdue Mac Mini upgrade path. (That is, if mean Cousin Steve doesn't kill and field-dress the Mini for good.) Given that pretty much everything at Tuesday's launch was thoroughly leaked, Auntie hopes that we'll soon be hearing juicy rumors about an October event.

Hugs and kisses,

Auntie TUAW

p.s. Cousin Cory sends his best!

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