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Last Chance: Win a mountain of Post-PAX swag

Dustin Burg

You only have a few hours left to enter the second (of two) fanswag Post-PAX Giveaways. Just by reading that first sentence, we predict some 84% of fanboys have already clicked towards the giveaway post to enter. For the remaining 16% who are still reading this, we advise enterting the Post-PAX Giveaway right this very moment. You have a chance to win all kinds of PAX goods including Marty O'Donnell, RvB, Josh Ortega and Pete Hayes autographed goods as well as Fallout 3 and Dead Space merch. Make the jump and enter the Post-PAX Giveaway a second time. And to the remaining 2% of fanboys who are reading this, DO NOT comment on this post with your entry. That's what this link is for. To the last 1% ... we give up on you.

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