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WRUP:PURW (I Palindrome, I Edition)

Ross Miller

We tried making a story but failed miserably. Instead, we're going to give you a list of palindromes and ask you to use at least a few of them (as well as some of your own) to give us an interesting tall tale: Racecar, deed, level, civic, madam, eye, radar, redivider, detartrated, solutomaattimittaamotulos, saippuakuppinippukauppias (the last two are Finnish -- bonus points for using them logically).

Here's what we'll be playing this weekend. Be sure to let us know what games will be occupying your time!
  • Alexander Sliwinski: Playing Rock Band 2, which we can't officially talk about until Sunday. Check back with us then for some of our impressions regarding the game, the new instruments and other incidentals. I'll also be continuing on with Infinite Undiscovery. It's actually quite enjoyable, but the first two hours do not make a good impression.
  • Andrew Yoon isn't allowed to say what he's playing this weekend.
  • Christopher Grant: pleads the fifth, sixth and seventh. He forget which one it was.
  • Griffin McElroy: I'm hoping I'll be able to finish up Super Metroid before Sunday, when my entire existence will be taken over by Rock Band 2. Unfortunately, I find myself torn between conquering Mother Brain and mastering the drums on Who Are You. Also, pinatas.
  • Kevin Kelly is too busy with Toronto Film Festival stuff to talk to you.
  • Kyle Orland hates kittens.
  • James Ransom-Wiley is upper management and doesn't have to answer this.
  • Jason Dobson: Now a newly transplanted resident of the Silicon Forest, I'm patiently waiting for my games, consoles, and other worldly possessions to arrive sometime early next week. I did, however, think ahead, and kept the DS on my person during the move. While not exploring the city, this weekend I plan on spending some free time at the beach playing Lock's Quest, which came out of nowhere and is a terrifically original take on gameplay I haven't seen since Atari classic Rampart with a cute anime twist.
  • Justin McElroy: If it finishes downloading and if I can tear myself away from Spore, I'll be playing Warhammer Online. Also, I want to have four beers. ... Does Ross even read this far? I'm going to go to Ross' house and steal his TV, how about that game? Let's see if that makes it in. [Ed. -- I added this in out of spite.]
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: I'm working my way through Ubisoft Montreal's Prince of Persia trilogy! I consider the Sands of Time, which I've completed numerous times, a flawed masterpiece. Jumping straight into Warrior Within is a pretty jarring experience, especially now that we haven't waited a year in-between instalments. It's like going to bed one night and then waking up in another country. The less linear level design is a clear improvement and platforming is still a joy, but the combat is even more tedious than before. Aesthetically, the game is an embarrassing example of why you shouldn't let the marketing department design your game. I can't wait to get to The Two Thrones, which, from a gameplay standpoint, is my favorite in the trilogy.
  • Randy Nelson: I was looking through my game library trying to find something that rhymes with "Rock Band" to play until Sunday and settled (well, I had no choice, really) on God Hand. I'll also probably get sucked back – yet again! – into using my "God" hand to control the destiny of my Spore creations, er, evolutions.
  • Ross Miller:I'm driving to Justin's house since he's threatened to come over here, and then we'll meet somewhere in between and have a rawk off on top of our cars just like the intro of Rock Band 2. Which I'm currently playing all weekend but can't talk about until Sunday.

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