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Disaster: Day of Crisis survival guide explains gameplay

As is usually the case with oft-delayed titles, details concerning the mystery-shrouded Disaster: Day of Crisis have been slim indeed. Thankfully, the official Japanese site for the disastrous survival game recently added a few explanations on how you'll be guiding optimistic protagonist Raymond Bryce through his very own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

According to a translation from Siliconera, the combat portion of the title plays like a light gun shooter with a Time Crisis-esque cover system. However, you'll need to bust out your best Smooth Moves to make it through the motion-sensitive survival segments, furiously shaking your Wiimote to outrun a tidal wave, push a bus, perform CPR or place an irate phone call to a puzzlingly absent FEMA. We'll have to wait on reactions from our Eastern Hemisphere acquaintences to see how these two great tastes taste together.

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