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Klipsch gives its Icon VF-35, VF-36 speakers to Best Buy

Steven Kim

Klipsch's Icon W speakers sure look a treat, but they're on the pricey end of the scale, so Klipsch is offering up the Icon VF-35 and VF-36 speakers to Best Buy shoppers at the lower price points of $750 and $950 per pair, respectively, to set things right. That 1-inch horn-loaded tweeter high on the front baffle somehow reminds us of a Dalek, which makes us wish we could remove the lower speaker grille to show off the trio of mid/bass drivers; but it's fixed (that middle pic is factory-only), so maybe live with the top grill on instead and be contented that those drivers are pushing response down to 41Hz and 36Hz, respectively. As you'd expect from Klipsch, sensitivity comes in at a high 97.5dB, so not a lot of amplifier will be necessary to drive these.

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