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Pantel intros waterproof indoor / outdoor TV consoles

Darren Murph

We already knew that Pantel was fixin' to loose a new water-shunning "mirror" LCD HDTV this fall, but apparently that's just not enough for these guys. In addition to that, it has also introduced Q4-bound indoor / outdoor weatherproof consoles that house a 42-inch LCD HDTV, built-in lift mechanism, wireless capabilities and integrated speakers to boot. Each system is equipped with 802.11a technology to deliver audio and video sans wires up to 150-feet, though pricing details are being kept on the low. Hop on past the break for all the specifications you need (and a few you probably don't).

Pantel Launches Indoor/Outdoor TV Console w/Lift Mechanism at 2008 CEDIA Expo

The Pantel Consoles, which Incorporate a 42-Inch LCD HDTV, Include Built-In Lift Mechanism,
Wireless Capabilities, and Built-In Speakers, are Scheduled to be Available Q4 2008

DENVER, Sept. 4, 2008 -Pantel (, the worldwide leader in outdoor weatherproof TV solutions, is proud to announce its new line of indoor and outdoor TV consoles at the 2008 CEDIA Expo, held in Denver from Sept. 4-7 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth 593. The consoles incorporate a 42-inch LCD HDTV and include a built-in lift mechanism, wireless capabilities, and built-in speakers.

"The new Pantel furniture console has been designed to incorporate a 42-inch flat panel TV that lifts into place at the touch of a button," explained Joe Pantel, Chief Executive Officer of Pantel Corp. "When not in use, the TV is housed within the unit both for aesthetic purposes as well as to protect the TV from accidental damage. This is yet another versatile, all-in-one addition to Pantel's acclaimed line of flat panel products and accessories that is available for both indoor and outdoor applications."

The indoor version of the console is perfect for both residential and commercial applications, including bedrooms, dens, family rooms, offices, and hotels. Additional features of the Pantel's indoor console and 42-inch LCD HDTV include:
• 720P/1080i resolution
• Wireless capable
• Built-in 12 speaker (10W apiece) sound system
• Built-in power lift
• Brightness: 800cd
• Contrast ratio: 1600:1
• Resolution: 1366 x 768
• Picture Aspect Ratio: 16:9
• Response Time 6 ms (Gray to Gray)
• Screen: Anti-Reflective
• HDMI support: 480I/480P/720P/1080i HDMI x 1
• Component / Audio R/L input: 480I/480P/720P/1080i RCA x 5
• Body color: black
• Body weight (net/gross weight): 275.6 lbs./319.7 lbs.
• Outer body dimensions: 56" L x 30.4" H x 12.5" D

The outdoor version also includes these specifications, but includes Pantel's acclaimed weatherproof capabilities, including tolerating bitter cold down to -32 degrees F and up to 140 degrees F, as well.

"Beyond indoor uses, Pantel's outdoor consoles are perfect for outdoor patios, both residentially as well as for commercial applications, such as in restaurants, hotels, and bars," added Pantel. "The applications where Pantel's respected and trusted LCD HDTV weatherproof solutions are desired are now nearly unlimited."

Outdoor residential and commercial entertainment used to be a very concerning and expensive project due to the threat of unpredictable weather. High definition TVs used outdoors had to be utilized under canopies or other types of overhangs, but that still did not always protect them from cold, heat, wind, and dust. Pantel TVs offer both homeowners and businesses to break free from the hassle, excessive expense, and these constant concerns thrown at them by Mother Nature. Beyond being weatherproof, Pantel TVs come complete with an industry-leading 802.11a wireless package that allows the user to broadcast audio and video wirelessly up to 150 ft.

Pantel has designed and tested its line of outdoor TVs in both extremes...the searing heat of Arizona desert summers, and the bitter cold of Minnesota winters. Pantel's proprietary dual flow ventilation system keeps Pantel TVs cool when it's hot and its state-of-the-art heating system creates heat to keep Pantel TVs working in colder climates. Pantel also has an Anti-Reflective glass screen that projects the sun's glare out of the viewing angle so you can enjoy watching a Pantel TV in any weather setting.

Pricing and availability for Pantel's new line of indoor and outdoor TV consoles are TBD. Pantel will release this information as it becomes available.

All pricing and specifications subject to change without notice.

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