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The Daily Grind: Which WAR server is right for you?

Kyle Horner

Today marks day one of the headstart for Warhammer Online players, which means we're curious to know what server type everyone is going with and why they've made their choice. While many are sure to simply hit up a core server without any extra rules, there are always players looking for that additional flavor. Many of us here at Massively are heading for core homes ourselves, although there are a few planning to check out a roleplay server. We happen to enjoy the shenanigans that can happen on the RP servers, so long as it's nothing that will cause us to scrub our eyes with baking soda.

Strangely enough, we haven't of anyone we know going for an "Open RvR" server. Our guess is that it's because most people will be more than happy to play the RvR that Mythic has already setup for them in the core (and even RP) servers.

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