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3G iPhone Data Poll: How much data have you used?


After the iPhone debuted, I posted this poll on TUAW, where I first got a sense of how much data YouTube videos and Mobile Safari web pages were pulling down through the network.

We're now about two months into iPhone 3G and I thought I'd repeat the exercise. How much data are you using on that 3G iPhone of yours? Are you still at 2.5G/EDGE levels of usage or has the 3G data bumped you up into new territory?

Pop into your iPhone's Settings > General > Usage pane and check out your Cellular Network Data usage stats. Drop a note in the comments and let us know about how much data you're actually using per month. (Assuming you haven't reset your phone, there will be about 2 months of data there.) And if any of you 1st Gen EDGE iPhone users have comparative data for month-to-month usage (rather than your total stats), that would be great to compare with the 3G numbers.

So have at it, readers. How much data are you using?

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