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Breakfast Topic: Top 10 excuses to get out of work when WotLK is released


Let's face it. Unless your job is to play WoW (insert my maniacal laughter here), you're probably going to have come up with either some vacation time or "other excuse" to get out of work or school on the 13th of November. Why? Because chances are if you're reading this site then the Wrath of the Lich King release date is just that important. And it is... I mean really... it's the World (of Warcraft) to us all.

10. "I'm having an allergic reaction to my cold medicine, and I need a day to recover."

9. "My dog has at a bunch of chocolate last night and I need to be with him."

8. "I have lice."

7. "I need to take a personal day. You don't want to know."

6. "I have to go see my probation officer."

Continue on after the break for the final five.

5. "I think I'm a Cylon."

4. "I think you're a Cylon."

3. "My soul collapsed under the crushing weight of the oppressive capitalist machine. I'll be in tomorrow if I level, however today must play this damn game."

2. "An Elf is telling me to go kill boars. Gotta run."

1. "I'll give you my BlizzCon polar bear mount key if I can just have this day off of work!"

While I wish I could take credit for all these, I used some permutations on things I found thanks to Googling to the following sites:

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