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Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway armed and ready, deploying Sept. 23


No one ever said paving Hell's Highway would be easy, but Gearbox has wicked the final bead of sweat from its brow, relieved to announce that the next Brothers In Arms is complete and will ship on September 23rd. Today's definitive confirmation brings to an end a number of construction setbacks -- officially totaling umpteen -- that delayed the project for two years. That's right, remember when Hell's Highway was on your holiday 2006 list?

While development was on par with real-world highway building, Hell's Highway is, unfortunately for its creators, not an actual roadway surface, but a World War II shooter -- a genre that has seriously diminished in relevance over the past 24 months (not that highways aren't also struggling -- gas is how much per gallon now?). The best thing about Brothers in Arms imminent release might be reassurance that we're one step closer to playing Gearbox's Aliens game.

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