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Caption contest: finally, wasted neck space gets put to good use

Chris Ziegler

We've seen some creative ways to keep your phone near your face without all the trouble and wasted energy of using your arms, but designer Francesca Lanzavecchia's neck brace concepts might just take the cake. Head mobility always seemed a little overrated to us, anyway.


Chris: "Trapped in a prison of the future. Betrayed by a woman of his past. Frank Warren is wired to explode."
Josh T: "After his surgery for throat cancer, all of Joey's friends agreed his new cigarette storage location was in poor taste."
Joseph: "If this photo doesn't scream 'insurance fraud,' I don't know what does..."
Ryan: "Tired of falling victim to random passersby itching to perform unnecessary tracheotomies? Guard against this and other forms of severe neck injury with WuWear's new Protect Ya Neck. (Available only in fine department stores)"
Thomas: "Marlboro's new bio-filtration system completes the smoker's fingernail and tooth-stain ensemble."
Ross: "Patience, my fellow Zebraxians. By disguising ourselves as everyday objects, we have earned the trust of the humans. Before we take over, we will embed ourselves in a thick yellow crust around their necks which only we shall be able to see."

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