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Geoff Johns revealed as writer for DC Universe Online

Kyle Horner

How do you make DC Universe Online with Jim Lee in charge of the art direction even more exciting for comic fans? You bring Geoff Johns on as writer for the game's backstory. Geoff is the man responsible for one of the best runs on The Flash, his envisioning of Green Lantern: Rebirth and the highly engaging cooperative effort that was 52. Basically, if you're a fan of DC comics and haven't bothered with them for a while, you should really check his stuff out.

According to the Newsarama interview with Geoff, he's only responsible for writing the general state of the world, its characters and the whole story behind why all these new superheroes (that'd be us) are suddenly cropping up everywhere. Beyond that, nothing has been confirmed, although he did say it'd be possible to come back to write more stuff. In that regard, Geoff also says the game will be set more or less within the current DCU at the time of launch. Players can expect to see story arcs both new and old -- or something like them -- to eventually show their faces. If DC comics fans were only a little excited before this is a reason to start smiling, or maybe even do a fist-pump. Go ahead, we won't look.

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