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Pachter predicts bidding war over Rockstar's Houser brothers


Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter sees another challenge for Take-Two Interactive, suggesting that the company could lose the talent behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In Pachter's latest analyst note, he details the possible loss of Sam and Dan Houser of Rockstar when their contract expires this upcoming February.

Pachter expects that when their contracts expire this February, Sam and Dan Houser of Rockstar could either depart Take-Two -- robbing the company of the driving force force behind its best-selling series -- or stay on at considerable expense. The analyst explains that a Houser departure would be analogous to EA's Medal of Honor team departing to produce Activision's Call of Duty franchise -- GTA would still live on, but it probably wouldn't be the same sales powerhouse sans the Houser brothers.

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