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Pioneer-built XMp3 gets specced, shows up for sale

Darren Murph

Ah, ha! So that XMp3 XM Radio player we spotted the other day in Popular Science was more than just a trick played by our eyes. PopSci has come forth with a few more details on the unit, but still doesn't do it nearly as good as Best Buy's product page. From the latter, we learn that the Pioneer-built unit plays back MP3 / WMA files stored on your microSD card, records up to 100 hours of XM Radio or digital audio, and comes bundled with a home dock, power adapter, home antenna, remote and assorted cables for $279.99. We're also hearing that the device alone will go for around two bills when it arrives in under a fortnight, but we wouldn't bet the farm on that just yet.

Read - PopSci writeup
Read - Best Buy product page

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