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Rumor: Bungie and Rare set to announce new projects next week

Dustin Burg

According to a and their special "insider source", sometime next week, Microsoft will be holding a huge mystery event where both Bungie and Rare will reveal two super new, super secret projects. Though, the special insider source couldn't confirm what either the Bungie or Rare projects will be, which sort of puts an injection of "bullcrap" into this rumor. Coincidentally, next Thursday is Halo 3's anniversary, so take that for whatever it's worth. Very interesting stuff indeed ...

Make your way to the break to read's insider source reveal seeing that their website is currently in a dead state. Just try not getting your hopes up yet.

[Via NeoGAF]

"Bungie is to announce its much talked about new game next week, an industry insider has revealed.

Speaking to, an industry insider has confirmed that Microsoft is due to hold an event in Europe next week, where Bungie is due to take the wraps off its next game – the first title the studio has developed since splitting from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, our source – who obtained this information directly from Microsoft – was unable to confirm what that game will be. As such, it's unknown whether the new title will be Halo 4, or indeed whether it will be related to the Halo universe in any way, shape or form.

Our source also revealed that Rare may be set to announce a new game as well.

With Viva Pinata: TIP having just been released and Banjo Nuts 'n' Bolts shaping up very nicely, the British studio seems to be rediscovering some of the amazing form it showed on the SNES and N64. So its next project should be highly anticipated.

Unfortunately, our source wasn't able to shed any light on what this project will be, but we should find out next week.

According to our source, a few other announcements are due to be made at this mysterious event, so expect plenty of fireworks when things kick off."

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