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Touch Viva: the "Opal" materializes as HTC's low-end champion

Chris Ziegler

Billed as an "affordable touch phone with the benefits of HTC's TouchFLO," the Touch Viva picks up where the original Touch left off and move things just a little bit downmarket for the benefit of smartphone lovers in emerging markets. To that end, the screen stays low-end with QVGA resolution, the radio tops out at EDGE speeds, and the camera's a mere 2-megapixel piece -- but by the same token, the Viva hangs onto WiFi, 256MB of ROM, and GPS. It also gets blessed with a tweaked version of TouchFLO that doesn't rely on 3D acceleration found in HTC's higher-end units. It'll be available starting next month for what we can only imagine will be a pretty reasonable price; backup smartphone, anyone?

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