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VC Monday Madness: Mega Man 2 [update 2]


Update 2: Video is back!

Mega Man 2 is something folks can talk at length about. Whether it's strategy involving the 8 initial bosses and their stages, or the bickering between which weapon is the best, it's a game that many hold near and dear to their hearts. If you're a gamer in their 20-somethings, you likely remember this being one of the greatest games of your life. And, to celebrate the upcoming Mega Man 9, it's released to the Virtual Console. If you can't download this amazing game for $5, or don't already own it, you're doing yourself a great disservice. Everyone should spend some time with this game at least one time in their life.

Each week, we here at Wii Fanboy like to check out the latest Virtual Console releases in our VC Monday Madness feature, in the hopes that you can make the most sound decision possible regarding purchasing retro titles from the Wii Shop Channel. If you're looking for more retro goodness, check out Virtually Overlooked, which talks about games that should be on the Virtual Console.

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