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Wii Warm Up: Party favor


Tetris Party is on the way to WiiWare! (As of the writing of this post, Nintendo hasn't sent out the Wii Shop updates, so it might even be out today, in which case Tetris Party is on WiiWare!)

Tetris has been around for a while, and it's changed in tiny, tiny ways. Except for a few new rules for nerds, it's still basically the same game it was when Alexey Pazhitnov was puttering around with it in his spare time. Tetris Party has some variant modes like the "Shadow" puzzle mode, but you're still dropping the same seven shapes into the same 10-block-wide field.

Has Tetris held up? Will you be ready to go back to the well (though not for Welltris) when Party hits? Ah, of course you will, so let's just talk about how amazingly wonderful Tetris continues to be!


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