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Yarr! New homebrew program runs DVD game backups


If you're a lawyer for Nintendo and your spidey senses are tingling, we may have an explanation. "Wii Backup Loader" is exactly what this (highly convincing) video suggests: a program which allows the Wii to play DVD game backups, in the form of modified ISOs. It runs from the Wii Homebrew Channel.

News of the program broke from the forums at tehskeen (note: we've linked to a related article due to tehskeen being down), though we'd expect this to hit peer-to-peer networks in the not-too-distant future, if it hasn't already. Just remember, kids: winners don't do piracy.

Illegal as this may be, there's plenty of other very cool and very legal things you can do through homebrew. Care to watch DVD movies on your console? How about some original games, like Masteroids or the shmup OpenTyrian? And it doesn't stop there. Our own Mike Sylvester also likes to see what he can come up with in his bi-weekly column Revolutionary.

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