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Around Azeroth: How like a god


Phoenix wings? Avenging Wrath wings? Halo? Olympic tabard? Sxei of <Divinity> on Cho'gall certainly doesn't have a problem with low self-esteem. Sxei sent in this pre-raid screenshot to honor his guild, and its commitment to continuing to raid with the expansion on the horizon. "We are still together progressing through content that will soon be forgotten just for a good time and to get some money for the guild," Sxei writes. "The phoenix wings can represent the radiating power that blood elves get because of their close relationship with their old master Kael'thas, to help empower us as we push our way through Sunwell where our first magic was born." Good luck to Divinity in all your travels! Sorry for the unusual optimism -- Around Azeroth will be back to its usual snark tomorrow.

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