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Guildwatch: It's not me, it must be you

Mike Schramm

I don't think I've ever seen the fall of a guild as documented as Underscore is in Guildwatch this week -- someone has been taking screenshots aplenty of all the whispers going back and forth, and surprisingly, most of them have actually come from the guildleader of the guild in question. If you've ever wanted to see how a guild can fall apart from tell to tell, here's your chance.

That and lots more (including some actual good news) in Guildwatch this week, which starts right after the link below. Guild news is slowing down for Wrath, so please help us fill our inbox: send your downed, drama, and recruiting tips to if you have them, so we can make sure the column is nice and packed next week. Thanks!


  • Guild name drama! The Global Warming is a guild on EU Venture Company (which happens to be an RP-PvP server), and they tried to report the name of another guild, There is no IRL only AFK, since they claimed it had a real world reference in it. Of course, The Global Warming also has a real world reference in it, so they ended up getting their name changed as well. Real geniuses over there. They've since rechartered back to TGW, but they're angry about it. Guess that's what you get for calling out another guild for, y'know, a mistake you've made yourself.
  • Last week, we reported about a little fracas between Original Sin (who'd rerolled on another server just to make fun of people's gear) and S I S, both on Spinebreaker. Apparently S I S isn't so lame, though -- we heard they downed Illidan this week. Who needs gear now?
  • Ascension on Blackwater Raiders-H is apparently leaking guildies "like a sieve," according to our tipster. The raiding population is already low, and since they're losing players, we're told they're taking on all of the "friends and family" that they can, leaving some of the original players frustrated themselves. Progression has stalled, too, for at least a few months. We hear they're on the brink.
  • Last Saturday, we're told Insidious of Perenolde-H had their whole council up and move without warning to Cairne, bringing along a guild bank full of items. Almost no notice was given to other guildies, and in fact, some of the members were actually locked out of the website after the move. It's weird -- progress has been happening, but it seems the small group of officers just decided to pick up and leave everyone else behind.
  • This is NSFW and probably not even true, but just in case you want to read a nutty story about a bunch of WoW players embroiled in crazy sex acts, here you go.
  • Wow, this is old school: a Bindings of the Windseeker ninja (he was in Tre Konor on EU Kilrogg, although we hear they kicked him). Don't see that much anymore. Remember how much trouble the Cache of the Firelord caused way back when? "OMG, he took the Core Hound Tooth!"
  • Someone showed up in the Durotan forum to announce that Apotheosis was disbanding because they were so bad... except that a few guildies showed up later to say that, no, they weren't. This is a pretty high level of trolling -- looks like the trolls have even formed a guild called Wtf is Apotheosis Anyway. Have nothing better to do?
  • What's up with Underscore of Lothar lately? Oh right -- that. The guild is falling apart from the inside, and all of the conversations and long rants from the guild forums have made it on to the offical forums. Lots more here -- if you want to watch a guild fall apart in screenshots and forum posts, there's your whole picture. Also, to add insult to injury, not only is Baii apparently a terrible leader who blames the guild's problems on others (as seen above), but our tipster says he's an old ninja, too. Way to kick a guy when he's down.
  • The Naked Fear celebrated its one year anniversary on Korgath by holding a naked Hogger raid. After that, we hear, they had a dance party in the Auction House, and then ran all the way over to Orgrimmar to try and kill a few Hordies there. Sounds like a good time.
  • Burn on Blackhand-H formed and ran a full complete PuG of Hyjal this week with only 20 people -- Faded Dreams and Warfare, among others, also joined them. Alliance claims it's not a first, but who cares? If you can PuG Hyjal, props to you.
  • Full Circle on Sentinels-A downed Kael after about a week of attempts.
  • The Forgotten Regiment is a new guild on Shadow Council, and they recently cleared Kara through Shade without wiping once. They're still recruiting players for both Kara and ZA.
  • Absolution (on Suramar-A) has rocked Gorefiend, dropping him like a sack of bricks and collecting all the shiny things! They're recruiting an Elemental and Resto Shammy, SPriest, Bear tank, and a Resto or Boomkin Druid. Bloodboil's on notice for next time.
  • Unpossible on Zul'Jin, after 103 recorded attempts (that's a lot), has finally managed to bring down Archimonde. Heim, their raid leader, is happy about it.
  • The Cheese N Cracker Co (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on EU Hellscream dropped Zul'jin and Loot Reaver this week -- T5 is next. Grats!
  • Vengeance of Alonsus EU cleared five bosses in the past week -- Al'ar, Leo, Rage, Anetheron, and Naj'entus have all fallen to their blades (and staves and bows, you get the picture). Nice job all!
  • Contingent on EU Shattered Halls-A killed Illidan two months after reforming the guild (which was disbanded due to Age of Conan). Welcome back, I guess? They didn't get any Warglaives, though, which is what you get for going to the Hyborian Age.
  • Tin Gods (Sen'jin-H) downed Halazzi in ZA for the first time the other night. Jan'alai has been knocked down pretty low before, and is on notice for next time. Akil'zon's chest got nabbed, too -- one step closer to that bear mount.
  • Dusk Raiders on Cenarion Circle-A have finished off RoS and Shahraz, putting Illidan's council on notice for next time. Good luck!
  • Reverb on Anvilmar downed yet another SSC boss by killing Fathom-Lord Karathress. Grats!
  • Prima Nocta on Gul'dan dropped Bloodboil, bringing them to 4th in progression on the server. Very nice job (and special thanks, we're told, to Wolfbrother and Sheka).
  • In their first venture into the Serpentshrine Cavern the raiding Horde of Der Harte Kern and Divide et Impera on EU Norgannon not only managed to survive the first trashpacks but also were able to throw The Lurker Below into the (wet) dust. Hydross proved more difficult, but he's on notice for next time.
  • Blades of Light and Ninth Alliance, both on Sentinels, got Leo the Blind down last week. Very nice.
  • Lost Soldier of Darkness on Area 52-A killed Teron Gorefiend last week, and then went back in and dropped Bloodboil, too. RoS is on notice. They say it's a major milestone for the guild -- they spent about two months rebuilding the team and are now back on track for progression. Grats!
  • Fugazi on EU Shattered Hand-H took both the Bear and Eagle down in ZA. Lynx got to 11%, so he's on notice. They also helped PuG Maggy, and they're always up to recruits, especially melee and a mana battery or two.
  • Tanaris guild Tabula Rasa downed the Illidari Council after a single night of attempts. Congrats all on the loot, and good luck on Illidan!
  • Age of Darkness on Shattered Halls downed Gruul on the second try -- their first 25man raid as a guild ever. They're Alliance on a Horde-dominated PvP server, so they say they dedicate this one to all the Quel'danas gankers!
  • Dire Beef on Dark Iron cooked their steaks on the flames of Supremus last week after a guild first downing continuing their progression raiding.
  • Simple Math of Andorhal nabbed the server first kill of Kil'Jaeden last week. Very nice job, and yes, as they told us, "for the Horde!"
  • The Kinsmen on Moon Guard-H is recruiting all classes level 70 for Karazhan and ZA. They are a friendly casual raiding guild, with a focus on having fun together than grinding out progression every night. Whisper someone ingame to join up.
  • Sol Invictus on Thrall-A is looking for a Mage, Enhancement and Resto Shammy, and either a CoH Priest or Holy Pally to come kill some big bads in SWP. Kalecgos is down and Brut is on notice, so grab your sword and fight the... bosses.
  • Moonlight Shadow on Nathrezim-H is looking to pick up the pieces after drama caused issues before raiding. They're heading into Karazhan (have to have Omen and Bigwigs already), and seeking all classes for a solid group heading into endgame and the expansion.
  • Chosen Rejects of Alleria-H is recruiting all classes who are stuck in 10-mans and actually want to see end game content. They are getting prepped to stomp through SSC/TK, although, with the gear quality of most of our players, they may be in MH/BT before long. Be skilled and ready to get geared (even if you're not). Raids are Wednesday to Friday nights, apply on the website.
  • Symbol of Aggression on Frostmane-H is a casual, family-friendly, social leveling guilde looking for mature (no cursing/vulgar/nasty/offensive chat permitted) players who enjoy logging in to WoW and experiencing te company of really nice people. All classes, levels, ages and experience welcome
  • Resurrected of Mok'Nathal likes to kill monsters on the internet. If you are a Priest, Warrior or Druid that likes to kill Monsters on the Internet, or not one of the above, but damned good at it, you should look them up. They're currently 2/6 Sunwell, and are pushing to have Kil'Jaden down before Wrath.
  • Paradigm on Steamwheedle Cartel-H is looking for Resto Druids and other exceptional non-Pally healers to help them out in MH and BT. You have to be dressed in T5+ gear, know how to decurse, heal, and run endgame, and be dedicated enough to join them four nights a week. Loot will happen, they say, but you'll raid on a trial basis, just to make sure there's no looting and scooting. If you're interested, check them out.
  • Quilt City Ogres on Spinebreaker are recruiting players from the Tri-State area of Western KY, Southern IL, and Southeastern MO... "or women willing to relocated to said area and lower their standards." They're a casual guild with a few hardcore players, including the Gurubashi Champion himself.
That's it for this week's GW! Until next week, happy raiding!

Need moar drama? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a little fantasy drama (that turned out to be a hoax), and this hilarious Vent recording. /Gkicks, /gquits, and ninjas, oh my.

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