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Hands-on with LG's Lotus for Sprint

Chris Ziegler

Okay, okay, we admit it: we went a little harsh on the Lotus before we had a chance to cradle it in our own palm. It turns out that LG's latest texting machine for Sprint is actually quite a looker in a bizarre, quirky way, with the black version taking on a well-constructed, businesslike aura and the purple doing a reasonably good job repping the high-fashion set. Don't get us wrong, it still looks downright weird when closed -- mainly because we're just not used to a square flip, we suppose -- but when it's open, it looks as decent as any featurephone on the market. We didn't have a great opportunity to put the keyboard through it's paces (stay tuned for that), but that new One Click UI paradigm looks like a winner at a quick glance -- so even if you're too fat-fingered to enjoy top SMS speeds, at least you'll enjoy watching your mistakes materialize on the screen in glorious detail.

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