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Molyneux: Pub Games 'glitch' intentional, with consequences

Ross Miller

While we're sure you've already constructed your Scrooge McDuck-esque pool of golden, nefariously-obtained Fable II Pub Games earnings, Peter Molyneux might be preparing to pull off the biggest gamer prank since the anti-Spore Rick Roll.

According to a quick blurb in IGN's Fable II preview, "Just be warned. Molyneux has said that the cheat was no accident and that those who used it to earn their money will be in for a surprise." Something tells us that "surprise" isn't being filthy rich in-game. Is he bluffing? We'll find out soon enough when our sea of coins is quickly drained from under us. Fable 2 is due out October 21.

Need more Fable 2? We can't blame you. Check out our hands-on with the first three hours of the game, as well as our interview with Peter Molyneux, in which he talks about his game, Too Human and Lionhead's "shocking" secret project.

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