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Slacker G2 gets reviewed

Nilay Patel

Slacker must have figured our jetsetter friends at Gadling needed some more tunes for their travels, because it hooked them up with an early review unit of the new Slacker G2 WiFi radio. Nothing much has changed about the Slacker service, which basically auto-downloads your choice of pre-programmed channels to the 4 or 8GB or internal storage over WiFi (you can get on Wayport and AT&T hotspots using Devicescape), but the G2 hardware is significantly revised, with a new slimmer, curvaceous shape with relocated controls, glossy front, and premium headphones. We're up in the air over whether the optional $90/year or $10/mo premium service fees are worth it, especially now that Zune 3.0 also does pre-programmed Channels with the $15 Zune Pass, but if you're interested hit up the read link for the full-on review.

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