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Want a perfect vocal in Rock Band 2? Recite the Declaration of Independence


The Joystiq post talks about "phonemes" and how Rock Band 2 recognizes them in a different way than Rock Band 1 thanks to a different "detection system." This "detection system" is what recognizes the spoken word sections of any given song. It seems that making any sound during spoken word section in Rock Band 2 is read as good.

But forget all of that. The point is that it's possible to five star and gold "So Whatcha Want" by the Beastie Boys -- on expert -- by reading the Declaration of Independence. Joystiq put together a video to prove this and the results are staggering and, frankly, strangly beautiful. The video takes on the aspect of performance art and gives us pause to consider the broader meaning of our existence. Either that or we've been staring at a computer monitor for just a bit too long. Either way, it's something that must be seen and, more importantly, iterated over and over again. We'd love to see someone five star "So Watcha Want" with, oh, let's say an episode of the A-Team. Get to it, internets.

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