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[UPDATE] WTB fashion sense

Zach Yonzon

I see a lot of the Professions are getting a lot of love lately. Cooking, specially, has been particularly awesome in Wrath of the Lich King, with cooks able to prepare feasts for raids that give excellent buffs. Engineering has been fun, too, although I have yet to see the schematic for my Harley Softail Hog. I'm curious about one thing, though... where are my shirts? With all the options to customize characters in the game -- I mean, those barbershops are pretty neat -- how come there aren't any new shirt patterns?

There are over 50 different shirts in the game, 22 of which are tailored. The rest are uncouth styles that are simply too unfashionable for my needs. I've picked up enough Sleeveless T-Shirts in Alterac Valley to clothe an army. It makes me cringe to see Level 70 characters still sporting their original Thug Shirt. Let's get some style, people! There are a good number of shirts to choose from, but frankly, we need Fall fashions for Wrath of the Lich King. I mean, the last great (and saleable) shirt pattern was the Rich Purple Silk Shirt. And that was from vanilla WoW.

Fashion in World of Warcraft has fallen behind. At least, tailor-made ones. Would you believe that there wasn't a single new shirt pattern throughout the whole Burning Crusade? I mean, I know that demons were at our gates and some dude named Illidan was plotting to take over everything we know and love, but come on! Where was my Netherweave shirt? If I'm going to fight a war, I want to fight in style!

[UPDATE: Phooey. So apparently there are new shirt patterns in Wrath. So the joke's actually on me. So you can choose to look like a 90's Eddie Vedder or Dave Matthews on tour. Uh... thanks, Blizzard.]

If we can get cool items like stuff for vanity pets -- those were so awesome that I felt the urge to send a box of Krispy Kremes to Irvine... -- why can't we get something fashionable? Specially in the harsh cold of Northrend, my Black Swashbuckler's Shirt (which isn't really black...) or even my Orange Martial Shirt (which has really black sleeves but is orange everywhere else...) won't nearly be enough to keep me warm and fashionable. Where are the thermal undershirts? Leatherworking got a bunch of fur lining, much to the chagrin of DEHTA.

Never mind that we've got a throng of undead waiting to gnaw at our bones. Let's forget for a moment that we have one of the most powerful beings in Azeroth's history waiting to strike at the rest of the world from his chilly seat. If we're going to Northrend to gear up for a showdown, I want a nice shirt to go along with it. Given that the design team has done an awesome job of lessening our clown gear, would it be too much to ask for new shirt patterns in Wrath? A Thermal Frostweave Shirt, maybe? Because as much as this Lavender Mageweave Shirt goes along perfectly with Crystalforge armor, it's so 2005.

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