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Ask Engadget HD: Where are all the standalone OTA HD DVRs?

Darren Murph

This week's Ask Engadget HD question couldn't possibly be any nearer and dearer to our hearts. For years now, we've wondered why nobody is producing standalone OTA HD DVRs. Sony's DHG-HDD500 and LG's LST-3410A were the last two significant options that we could find, but hopefully our searching abilities are severely flawed.

"In the continued theme of the recent question regarding To TiVo, or not to TiVo?, I have a question regarding standalone HD DVR's. My question is: Where are they? Seriously, I don't want to pay a monthly fee to TiVo nor do I want to have to boot up a HTPC all the time. All I want is a standalone unit with no monthly fees to record OTA HD. Does an animal like this even exist? Thanks!"

Like we said, there are a few animals such as this if you don't mind scouring the secondhand market, but we'd love to hear from any relative newcomers that we've somehow overlooked. Oh, and where the heck is that EchoStar TR-50 we spotted at CES 2008?

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