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DisplaySearch forecasts skyrocketing sales of standalone Blu-ray players

Darren Murph

Out of seemingly nowhere, DisplaySearch has became way hot on Blu-ray. At a recent conference in Hollywood, the research firm reportedly announced its expectations that "global unit sales of standalone Blu-ray players will triple this year and will double next year as prices fall, more titles are released and a larger percentage of the population own high-definition TVs." As for numbers, that's 2.38 million BD decks this year and 5.31 million in 2009, which means Sony's PS3 would no longer be the biggest selling Blu-ray player by 2010. Look, we'd love for Blu-ray adoption to suddenly get off the ground and soar, but as if it hasn't been restated enough, we simply can't see it happening without at least a few sub-$200 players on the market. Guess we'll see soon enough, huh?

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