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Double the volume of Guitar Hero expected in 2009


If you thought that 2008's triple-billing of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: On Tour and the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour was, well, a lot of Guitar Hero ... you ain't seen nuthin' yet. Activision-Blizzard revealed at an event for industry analysts that it intends to double the number of Guitar Hero SKUs (not necessarily unique games, just console-specific variations of "core" titles) in 2009. The goal is to triple them in 2010. Whammy bar!

Considering that we had two console Guitar Hero titles this year, that would potentially mean four in 2009 (one being Guitar Hero: Metallica) and six in 2010. That's not even counting handhelds. So ... are you ready to rock, a lot? Or is this all just way too much noise? Let us know in comments.

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