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Edge of Twilight will support Trophies and Home

Jem Alexander

Edge of what? It's okay if you don't remember the game being announced. Thanks to a lack of developer pedigree (and we don't mean that in a nasty way), plus the fact that Edge of Twilight is a new IP being developed in Australia, the game hasn't been given much attention. Oh, it's also not due out til some time next year. While we may have heard very little about the title, what we have heard has us intrigued. When you describe the game as being an amalgamation of three of our favorite franchises, it's hard not to get us interested.

The latest news out of developer FuzzyEyes (via an interview with Gamespot) is that Edge of Twilight will support Trophies when it launches next year. They also have plans for Home content, which is always nice to hear. Check out the full interview for more information on why the developers decided to go for a steampunk style, some more background on the main character, Lex, and some insight into the day and night gameplay. Hopefully it'll work better than other games ...

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